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Meet And Greet Consultant - PT. Wiratman and Associates


Acara Meet and Greet Consultant ini kami selenggarakan untuk mempererat kerjasama antara PT. Cementaid Sales and Services Indonesia dan konsultan. Pada kesempatan ini, kami berkunjung di PT. Wiratman and Associates pada tanggal 13 Juni 2016, bertempat di Jakarta Selatan.



Terdiri dari 2 komponen aditif, 600 ml dan 300 ml.Melapisi dinding dan waterproof secara permanen. Membuat hasil plester tidak retak, tidak mudah lepas, dan tidak berlumut.


CEMENTAID in Indobuildtech 2010

CEMENTAID present at the event for practitioners and building construction Indonesia – Indobuildtech Expo 2010 in JCC Senayan Jakarta on June 30 – July 4, 2010. The exhibition was attended by various manufacturers of building materials such as ceramic , paint , lighting , roofing , as well as new technologies of construction material . CEMENTAID itself a producer of building material additives such as Integral Waterproofing , Waterproof Coating , Liquid Floor Hardener etc […]

Cementaid International Expands Into the Philippines

The Cementaid International Group opened a new subsidiary company in Manila, Philippines in November;  Cementaid Philippines Inc Since 1988, the Australian owned concrete additive company served Philippine customers via their agent.  Cementaid benefits from the Government’s new regulations on foreign ownership, to invest in a new factory and operation in the Philippines.  Well known local construction identity Mr. Jim Hodges, the former agent’s Principal, has moved into the new Cementaid company as Director, Business Development […]