Cementaid International Expands Into the Philippines

The Cementaid International Group opened a new subsidiary company in Manila, Philippines in November;  Cementaid Philippines Inc

Since 1988, the Australian owned concrete additive company served Philippine customers via their agent.  Cementaid benefits from the Government’s new regulations on foreign ownership, to invest in a new factory and operation in the Philippines. 

Well known local construction identity Mr. Jim Hodges, the former agent’s Principal, has moved into the new Cementaid company as Director, Business Development in Manila.  The National Sales Manager is Mr. Jerico Abestilla.

Cementaid International’s regional Director-in-Charge, Mr. Lindsay Aldred says the new Cementaid company expects to begin manufacture at the new local plant at the start of the new year, 2011.  “This will accommodate increasing demand for our HPI™ (Hydrophobic Pore-Blocking) ingredients, especially necessary in the fruit processing industry to prevent rapid corrosion of concrete”.

Cementaid expects to manufacture their whole range of 33 admixtures and surface treatments, locally by end of 2011.