Effluent Treatment Plant PT. Multimas Nabati Asahan


PT. Multimas Nabati Asahan

PT. Multimas Nabati Asahan is an agriculture industry company engaged in the production of edible oil (oil-fat for consumption) based on palm oil (palm oil based). This company is part of the Wilmar International Limited (Wilmar Group) which is one of the major players in the world agri-culture industry. Their previous buildings often experienced leaks because they used cheap waterproofing, so it cost more to repair. Especially for concrete which is exposed to corrosive substances. In 2018, CEMENTAID was given the opportunity to assist them in the Effluent Treatement Plant Project.

The following are the structural areas using the HPI:

  1. 3CC PB(B), 1,319.5 m3, was applied to the slab and wall of Effluent Treatment Plant

The engineer team from the owner is satisfied with the HPI results and the service from the CEMENTAID team