Everdure CALTITE System

When Water Pressure is: Performance Specification   Dosage/Coverage
  (Water Absorption BS 1881) HPI Product HPI Waterproofing Dosage (lt/m3) Hyperlasticiser(SPC203), lt/m3 Calcure B*R
> 4 meters, 200 mm to 300 mm < 1.00 % Everdure CALTITE 30 0.45% to 0.55% by cement wt. 1 liter per 5 to 8 m2


“All concrete (specify sections) shall be waterproofed/corrosion-proofed by the addition of Cementaid Everdure CALTITE Hydrophobic Pore-blocking Ingredient (HPI) or proven equal & approved, dosed at the rate of 30 litres per cubic metre of concrete. A High Range Water Reducing Agent (HRWRA), such as Cementaid SUPERPLASTET PC 203 or proven equal & approved, should be included at the rate of 0.45 – 0.55% by. wt. of cement, reducing water content accordingly to preserve the specified slump. The Portland cement content of CALTITE waterproofed concretes shall not be less then 350 kg per cu.m., or as per manufacturers’recommendations for blended cements. The [water + CALTITE]: cement ratio should not exceed 0.37 and the concrete shall further have a corrected 30 minute absorption of not greater then 1.0% (one percent) as measured by BS 1881:Part 122: 1983, except that the age at test shall be 7 days.”